Warforge Warden who's been long term friends with Wizard Zen-kryi.


20/16/10/10/11/8 ability scores. 18 Ac, 16 Fort, 12 Reflex and 12 Will. 38 hp, 19 bloodied, 12 surges. 10 passive Insight, 15 passive perception.


Created, but never was used in an active war. Discarded soon after creation for a defect, along with a dozen other warforged. Only surviving member of the group created. Somehow has a primal connection with the earth. Met the wizard Zen-kryi when both were children and they grew up together. They take care of one another, because it’s all they have as family. Defends Zen-Kryi when danger strikes. Fiercely protective of what he has left of family.


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