Genasi Wizard, mostly a silent follower and observent. Studies mostly cold and thunder/lightning spells b/c of race


Hp 20 Sp 6 Init +0

Ac 16 Fort 12 Ref 15 Will 13

Str 15 Con 10 Dex 10 Int 20 Wis 13 Cha 8

Spells: Cantrips, Ray of Frost, Storm Pillar, Promise of Storm (race), Windwalker (race), Chill Strike (Encounter) , Rolling Thunder (Daily), Freezing Cloud (Daily)

Money: 71gp

Rituals: Brew Potion, Arcane Mark, Unseen Servent

Background: Birth- Omen

Elemental Manifestation – Windsoul, Stormsoul

Equip : Dagger, Spellbook, cloth armor, quarterstaff, adventurer’s kit


Grew up along with Al-Rahl, his warforge friend.


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